1. Be Boys

Of course this had to be number one.  If you have boys, you already understand completely.  If you do not have boys, but there is any chance you may be acquiring boys, get comfortable.  You have a lot of reading to do.

This phrase demonstrates the absolute conundrum presented when trying to describe boys in a succinct, neatly wrapped line.  You can’t do it.  Boys are so messy, so rowdy, so unpredictable yet utterly predictable in all their dirt-covered glory.  Boys are so joyful and hopeless, so disastrous and brilliant, so amazingly lost in their own world of being boys, that no phrase can be turned to sum them up.  Therefore we resort to the same remedy to which mothers and fathers and siblings for thousands of years have undoubtedly resorted.  We look at each other, unleash a deep sigh, and say it.

“Well…boys will be boys.”

Because that pretty much says it all.


6 thoughts on “1. Be Boys

    • Sounds like a great plan – I can learn from your material! I have two girls, but honestly the catastrophic boy happenings are so overwhelming that most of what I notice is how perfect the girls are. 😉

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