2. Fall Fast Asleep

And I do mean fast.  Falling asleep in less than 27 seconds is one of the trademark talents of boys everywhere.  This clearly happens because boys do everything else fast as well.  They are running wide open every single moment of the rest of their day, so when forced to accept a stationary position for longer than 27 seconds, boys immediately power down.  If I do not enter his room within one minute of my seven year-old son climbing into his bed…he is gone.

Driving along in the car with the steady hum of tires on pavement?  Gone.

Lying in the floor watching afternoon cartoons?  Gone.

Sitting in the pew in grownup church?  Don’t even bother to check.  Gone.

It’s one of the more captivating views of a boy, and I find myself taking a second look often.  It’s like a real life tornado bearing down on you, then pausing in mid air.  You wanna take a good long look.  Same kid that inside the last hour tossed his screaming brother’s t-shirt on the roof of the screen porch and bore a fourteen inch crater in the back lawn with a garden hose while “building a car wash” for hot wheels cars, now stone still and silent.  It’s like watching a battery charger.  Not much visible action, but you know something is going on.

And soon enough, they spring back to life and roar away.  Full throttle until about 27 seconds after they hit the pillow that night…



One thought on “2. Fall Fast Asleep

  1. I love that you said “It’s like watching a battery charger.” in reference to their sleeping. Hilarious. Although, my boy in only 13 months, I teach other boys who are outlined quite nicely in this blog.

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