6. Streaking

Boys be naked.

I have a close friend who is father to three young sons, but his wife comes from a family of four girls.  She is mortified daily by various actions of her boys, many involving nakedness.  As my friend and I discussed this while eating cheesesteak sandwiches, fully clothed, we agreed that for people not familiar with boys, the carefree nudity can be alarming.  But boys simply don’t care.  They have more important things to do than worry about clothing.  The problem is, pretty much anything is more important to a boy than donning clothing.  ANYTHING.

The naked boy has been instructed to leave the bathtub and get dressed, when he spies a book about penguins in his sister’s room.  More important.

Dripping wet boy arrives in his bedroom where pajamas have been perfectly arranged on his bed for him, but stranded on the floor nearby is a matchbox car with one wheel missing.  More important.

Boy with no clothes is presented with the exact same morning ritual to apply school clothes he has been faced with for nine straight months, but amazingly discovers that a penny can make sounds when dropped repeatedly on a wooden desk.  WAY more important.

These are just a few of the activities you’ll find boys doing, completely naked.  Once I was working on the computer when my three year-old son arrived with a very typical question among the three year-old crowd:  “Dad, are these shoes on my right feet?”  I spun my chair around to find him staring down at his blue and orange sneakers with the velcro straps tightened down, dark blue socks halfway up to his knees, and not another thing on.  And the shoes were on the wrong feet.  He stared in stunned amazement as I attempted to explain how critical the order of process is, in that the pants really must be installed before the shoes.

Another night I found a naked six year-old boy playing games on the computer, his bath towel in a pile beside the chair.

“Mommy told you once to get your pj’s on,” I reminded him.

“But dad, I’m on LEVEL THREE!!”

Thankfully this nakedness seems to apply mainly to the youngsters, and boys actually can be trained to put the clothes on before resuming normal boy activities.  Most of the time.


3 thoughts on “6. Streaking

  1. SO true! I have friends (either have girls or no kids), will cover their eyes, or act comepletely mortified…when I turn to see what the total catastrophe must be, I see one of my little squirts standing in the buff…lol! Boys will be boys, and only those with boys can fully understand this statement!

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