Introducing: Photo Friday!

Greetings, survivors of boy bedlam everywhere.  As part of our ongoing therapy efforts, and to further strengthen the growing support system here for frazzled parents, victims, and general fans of boy antics, I offer you Photo Friday.  It’s an image per week of pure boy awesomeness, with a short description.  More visual, less textual.  Still utterly laughable.  Especially since it didn’t happen at your house…most of the time.  But some of the time, it might be your house – we want your photo!

Send your epic boy moment to me here: and you might see it appear on a coming Photo Friday!  (they can be recent or dated, who cares – awesome boy pictures from the 70s are even better!)  Don’t forget to include a few lines about how the picture came to fruition.  If no explanation is needed (like a shot of your boy smeared head to toe with diaper cream – we all know it happens, but none of us will ever know why.) then just write a note about how you managed to accomplish that subtle shift from wrath-of-God-screaming mode to humorous-picture-taking mode, along with tips for those of us who are still learning.

One other note: I debated utilizing manufactured alliteration for this segment, such as “Foto Friday” or “Photo Phriday” etc.  But just looking at it was nearly as annoying as standing at the Chuck E. Cheese prize counter with 3 boys and 86 tickets.  So I scrapped it.  If you think matching letters would help this feature, do let me know.  Or perhaps we could just solve the whole problem by moving it to “Photo Tuesday” or something like that.

So without further rambling, here’s the first submission.  Please send your picture submission before next Friday!  I only have enough of these personal photos to last us for about the next 113 weeks.

Connor James, 7 years old.  Sharpie marker.  Let’s get ready to rumble.

(and clearly, G’s are hard to draw upside down, man.)


10 thoughts on “Introducing: Photo Friday!

  1. Love your blog! I am here because of Kristen Cartwright. I have 2 teen boys and the fun only gets better. Although, I am able to share less about their shenanigans because they are now old enough to go on line and check my blog content. Boo! Good luck and I hope you win!

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