Photo Friday!

Thanks to those who made submissions for Photo Friday – I got some great shots!  Accordingly, I figured “Why choose just one?”  So let’s splurge and share a couple on this first week after asking for your boy action shots.  (Heck, I never really said it had to be just one photo anyway, did I?)  🙂

This week’s shots:

From David in Pensacola, FL – an outstanding look at his boys celebrating their first ever pinata kill. Matt weaponized the cast to ward off competition from other candy grabbers while Ryan ripped open the football and donned its carcass as a war trophy. The most epic part – this was someone else’s birthday party. (Dad says he mandated equal sharing of the loot with all the rest of the frightened party guests.)

Courtesy of Suzette at – her diligent son making full use of the handy-dandy neck pillow. In his defense, I’m sure that somewhere in the marketing material it says “Perfect for napping, reading or working at the computer!”

Remember, submit photos of your awesome boy moments here: and then look for them every Friday!  Thanks to those who shared this week, and if your shot isn’t here, it still may show up later.  Of course, there’s also the possibility that your boy scared me so badly I’ll never look at the image again in my life, but probably not… I think I’ve seen it all.  (Prove me wrong?)  🙂


13 thoughts on “Photo Friday!

  1. Travelling as we have done, especially flying overseas, we had a neck pillow for each kid, and for Mom, too! I’m afraid I’ve seen them more often in that position than the intended one. 🙂 Love it! On the pinata pic, better a cast than a ball bat, we almost had some serious injuries while in Mexico doing birthday pinatas…might have to look for some of those pictures! Keep it up, great shots!

  2. This is a super idea! 🙂 I have 2 girls so I am really looking forward to experiencing testosterone-filled kiddie fun! I have my constant dose from Bridget, Nami and Grace. Your boys will be a welcome addition to my list of virtual adapted children. 😉

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