Photo Friday!

Several more very enjoyable entries this week for Photo Friday.  It’s proof that we are not alone – many others are dealing with these daily boy antics and living to tell about it!  Thanks for sharing, and if you’d like to join in, send your shots to

Kevin in Alabama sent this shot of his son Tucker in action – this is his improvised method of “fishin’ without a fishin’ pole.”  Wait for the fish to make appearance… Clobber fish with stick!  Sadly, no fish were caught this day.  But extra credit to Tucker for effort and boy ferociousness!

From Diane at Strength 4 Today, here’s her son Michael demonstrating the vast abilities of boys to do highly impressive tricks with very simple props.  In my house, the best part of this would be when all 3 boys had to perform the exact same trick right in a row, while demanding that everyone watch and act stupendously amazed.


8 thoughts on “Photo Friday!

  1. Well, and since we have no other boys in our house, his sisters needed to get into the action. Now I need to find a “Stuff Girls Do” blog so I can post some incrimination for them as well!

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