Photo Friday

A couple more boy snapshots this week: one of a typical boy moment, one that offers a very sobering reminder that…perhaps these antics will never end.  🙂   Send your shots to and look for them on Photo Fridays!

One of my favorite shots of Nicholas, half of “the brothers.”  I entered the room and saw him, said “Don’t move,” and immediately went to grab the camera.

Boy is seriously geared up for some teeth cleaning.

Rhonda sends this recent photo of her brother Greg in Virginia.  Yes, he is sawing a limb with one arm while standing on a ladder leaning on a tree from inside a bulldozer bucket that’s raised to its highest level.

And although Greg is 28, he’s still not even the oldest, most responsible boy in the photo.  That’s his dad driving the bulldozer.  And this is their third attempt to reach the limb – adding more gear to get a little higher (and wiser!) each time.

This does not bode well for all of you that keep swearing to me that “it gets better!! They grow out of it!”

Not sure I’m buying it.


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Love it! Nic is so cute! Gotta have some protection when you’re gonna brush that good! 🙂
    As for the other pic, all I can say is, that my husband got his leg broken one year, doing just about that same thing….so yes, some things, they never outgrow. Love both of these pics!

  2. Give a man a saw and he’ll probably cut off his fingers, teach a man to saw and he’ll still cut off said fingers and some other limb as well.

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