Photo Friday

Keep sending us your crazy boy photos – we’ll use ’em!

This frightening boy moment comes from mom Davi who writes:

A spider web covered in dew is a beautiful thing. But what boy can resist getting lured into a web’s imaginative potential, suddenly transforming into a scary spider himself? In earlier years, my older son’s creepy-fangy look would have freaked his younger brother out. Now they both get a kick out of posing for a photo op.

Davi writes a great blog over at  It’s full of very helpful and encouraging tips for parents – check it out!!

Dare in Virginia has only one day off each week, but her little guy Caden knows exactly which day it is.  🙂  Mom was getting lots of cleaning done when she turned her back for only a couple of minutes… Carpet deodorizer will make the furniture smell pretty, Caden!

Why is it never surprising how much destruction they can employ in what seems like a few short seconds?


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