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My friend Bridget has a very cool and funny blog called Twinisms, where she documents the craziness of trying to keep up with TWO sets of twins!  Wow.  And I thought one set was a handful…  Anyway, she’s on vacation and asked several of her blogger friends to write something funny for her blog.  Or at least try.  I was flattered that she asked me — go check it out:

Top Six Twinisms I Have Learned

And here are a couple of Bridget’s posts that had me laughing the most…fun stuff, check out Twinisms!  🙂

Focusing On Chores

I Hate Crafts

– Tony



7 thoughts on “Guest Post on!

  1. Excellent job – dressed up or not!

    We don’t have twins, but our youngest two are very close in age. When they were both still babies we got asked if they were twins everywhere we went. Now that they’re older, the middle two get asked that everywhere we go. Neither set ever looked a stitch alike? I couldn’t imagine if they did, I feel for you!

  2. Rebecca KnightNovember 12, 2012To get the keys off someone who has been dkinring i would start by asking them straight up for their keys, if they refuse i would list alternative methods home and potential people who would be able to drive them home, if they still dont want to give up their keys i would go back to them after a few min and ask them if i could borrow their car to move it out of the driveway or to borrow it to pick something or someone up. being persistant and consistant helps make them cave in and give them to you.

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