Complaint Department

Although unlikely, it is possible that some readers may misinterpret my ramblings on this blog as a collection of complaints against boys.  This is not the case.  I like boys, and find them more entertaining than most of the entertainment options available in my town.

It is also possible that some may assume I have unruly, misbehaving, rude, smelly, destructive and dangerous boys.  This is correct.  Some of the time.  For the most part, the antics described on this blog are highlights of the most illustrious accomplishments of boys I know, including my own.  My writings also include large amounts of exaggeration, at times bordering on satire.  If my boys acted like this all the time, there is absolutely zero chance I would retain enough sanity to write the first paragraph about them.  If your boys act like this all the time, you had better leave this page immediately and go find them.  Something may be on fire.

Our family is striving to raise honest, kind, respectful boys that will grow to be men of strong character.  Much of the time, we feel pretty good about things.  The rest of the time, we are gathering material for this website.


9 thoughts on “Complaint Department

  1. I raised only one boy but wholesomely understand the ramblings and rantings of the true and sometimes too close to the truth not to mention activities of “the boys”. Your blog takes one so close to being there that there is little doubt that every word has been lived! Blog on my friend, your words take me back to those times many years ago but remembered as yesterday 🙂

  2. I’m only 19 months into this whole “boy” thing and am just glad to be warned of things to come. Some things mentioned here we’ve already accomplished… When faced with new “stuff” this boy does, it is at least comforting to know Tony and Ann have already been through this……3 fold =) I have said numerous times I never wanted girls because boys just seemed easier….I just want you to know I am reconsidering my statement. Ha!

  3. I have 2 boys and a girl…but the girl is the youngest and acts almost as much like a boy as the boys. She just does it with more flair and nail polish. Boys are boys and that usually means messes. Supposedly they will be easier when they are teenagers. AT least I’m hoping that is true.

  4. I only had one child, and he was a boy…but nothing like these stories! God knew how much I could handle without losing my sanity and “blessed” me with a pretty mellow fellow. I miss him so much since he left home!

  5. Thank you for stating this! I *cringe* when I hear someone tell me “Oh, you have 4 boys? I’m so sorry!” WTHk?

    Yes, they are all the things you just described and isn’t it wonderful! AND they’re also mom protecters, door openers, grocery bringer-inners and future men.

    What a blast! Thank you for sharing your adventures of your future men!

    Now excuse me – I have some spaghetti to clean off the ceiling.

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog…can’t wait to read more! I raised three grils, have one 4 y.o granddaughter and 3 week grandson. I come from a family of girls… My mother’s parents raised 7 girls; my cousins are about a 50/50 split; the Greatgrands are 80% girl and the Great-Greatgrands were girls (2) until my grandson. We are spreadout all over the countrly so we don’t get to spend much time together. I have no idea what to expect as far as raising a boy…looking forward to “learning” from your blog.

  7. I have two boys and wouldn’t trade them for anything!! It does get better, trust me. Mine are 14 and 12 and for several years, I wondered if we would reach double digits. My oldest was in the ER about every year, year and a half for about 7 years. Mostly from his bike (or his brother’s bike) and one sledding accident. We have survived! You will too my cyber-friend. You will too 🙂

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