The List

1.  Be Boys

2.  Fall Fast Asleep

3.  Shred Your Ride

4.  The Look

5.  The Detour

6.  Streaking

7.  The Eating Race

8.  The Poop Proclamation

9.  Touch Everything.  Every.  Single.  Thing.

10.  Drag and Drop

11. Throwin’ Rocks

12. The Clench

13. Weaponize Anything

14. Ultra-urgent Nothingness

15. Button Pushing

16. Global Warming

17. Outnumber the Girls

18. The Waistband Wad

19. Lose Their Shoes

20. The Booby Trap

21. Worry About Robbers

22. Vanophobia

23. Meals on Wheels

24. Stand Up at the Table

25. The Anti-Cleanup

26. Throw Junk on the Roof

27. Hypothetical Impossibilities

28. The Incredible Hulk Move

29. Ruin Their Socks

30. Eat Gross Stuff

31. Use Way Too Much

32. Potty Talk

33. Ignore Utensils

34. Death by Letter

35. Touch Gross Stuff

36. Random Detours

37. Excessive Greetings

38. The Household Item Hijack

39. YELLING! So. Much. Yelling.

40. Postpone Potty Breaks

41. Drink Gross Stuff

42. Non-walking

43. Wreck Your Lawn

44. Slam the Door


4 thoughts on “The List

  1. I came across your website through one called “The Frat Pack + Me”. I love your website. I have four boys (8,7,6,3) and boy, the stories I have. I think the two middle ones should have been twins and the destructive ability seems to get stronger with each boy! As I was reading your stories, I just kept shaking my head and muttering “yes, yes, oh my god! yes!” How many times my husband has had to take off the toilet to get out hockey players and spoons; how many times I’ve had to fold and refold clothes and put them back in the drawers; and with the youngest, how many times I’ve had to clean poop off the floor and walls because if i didn’t get to him in time, he would pull it out to look at it. But just when you don’t think you could do it one more time, you come to a complete stop and think “Oh my God! It’s been a whole week and I haven’t had to wipe up any poop!” (insert happy dance and chorus of Alleluhias) But it’s true what they say, I wouldn’t trade any of it in! My grandmother had a saying during the hard moments: “You’d sell them for a nickle today, but tomorrow would pay a million dollars to get them back.” Anyway, long story short, great site. Thanks for reminding me to see the humour in life!

  2. That is an awesome saying from your grandmother and I love it!! Sounds exactly like something my grandmother would say. 🙂 And your lineup of boys – 8,7,6,3 – WOW. No wonder you can relate to all these stories! Mine are 8, 5 & 5, and I rarely come across someone who’s busier, but you are the winner. Hang in there, and thanks for reading Tessa!

  3. My boys are 9, 4, and 4. I was raised with 3 brothers. I have given up on trying to force a girl into my life and have decided to embrace not only being a tomboy but also living with boys. I definitely look forward to reading more about your adventures. It’s uncanny how alike boys really are 🙂

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